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Importance of Keeping the Spirit of Kindness as We Begin the New Year

By Zahra Farooqi

As we head into the new year, it is important to not only be reflective of all that has happened, but also set goals for the new year. This past year, we have lived through a historically defining pandemic and in doing so, our way of life has drastically changed for better and worse. Through all this, an emphasis needs to be made on setting positive goals for ourselves for the new year not only on an individual level but also on a community level. When is the last time you have done something unselfish for the sake of others? Helping someone out in a time of need? Simply asking how they are doing? These small acts of kindness may seem like an insignificant pixel, but if we zoom out and broaden the picture, it is clear that these acts of kindness indeed do have an impact. Whether you do these on a regular basis or not, setting what seems to be a small goal regarding how you treat others can go a very long way beyond anyone’s scope of understanding. On a more broader level, kindness can be shown through volunteering and giving back to the community on a larger scale. When was the last time you made a donation to a good cause or volunteered your time? An excellent goal one can make is to improve their involvement in the community, and hey! You can do that right here with us at Glitter of Hope, where we are dedicated to addressing the basic needs of orphans of refugees in various aspects

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