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We Have No Overhead – All Donations (100%) Go to the Needy

Simple Act of Caring to Change the Lives of Metro Atlanta Based     Orphans and Single Mothers

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Give Today

We humbly request you to DONATE TODAY.  Many families are looking for your help.  PLEASE look for the Red DONATE button on top right of the page and look for all the projects  you can help with.

Give Monthly

One of the best ways to help this charity and the people in need is to stay connected on a monthly basis.   Dollar amount matters too – but what matters most is the regularity of your help.  It helps the charity budget better and keep you informed of our progress on a regular basis.


This organization is run by volunteers 100%.  We all take some time from our jobs, businesses, schools and families to pitch in.  Glitter of Hope is badly looking for people, groups and companies that can raise funds for us.  If you can organize one, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible.


Glitter of Hope is looking for Volunteers in many areas.  Please click the menu item called GET INVOLVED and read the paragraph next to the form you can fill out.  That will tell you the areas GOH needs help with.

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